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Fairmount City
United Methodist Church

Doverspike Ave.
Fairmount City, PA. 16224
(814) 275-2767
[email protected]


Fairmount City United Methodist Church

Fairmount-City-Church---Redbank-Valley-United-Methodist-MinistryThe church was originally in Swede Hollow beyond where the old two school buildings stood. This church had handmade slate type benches, without backs. It was small and seated about 60 to 75 people. The church was known as the Albright Church.

It was destroyed by fire about the first century. The Albright congregation built the present church. The date on the corner-stone is 1891. Bishop Feicht was the head of the church.

It was lighted with oil lamps and heated with a potbelly coal stoves. The lights were changed to gas – the open flame type. Still later mantle type chandeliers were installed.

About 1917, the coal stoves were replaced with two gas stoves. The seats were replaced with handmade ones that had backs on them. Cork floor covering was placed on the wood floor. The first organ was given by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shick.

A short time after the new church was built there was a division; the Evangelical and Albright churches separated. The Fairmount City congregation became Evangelical and the present church was “bought” from Albright Church.

Some interesting dates are: 1938—the vestibule and street entrance steps were built; 1949—electrical supplies and materials were purchased for church basement; 1952—running water was piped into Church basement; and 1954—the Sallman Head of Christ picture was donated by Rev. Arnold Willis, as the tithe of his love offering when he served as the evangelist for the year.

On July 1, 1959 Worship services were set at 8:30 AM.

1960-1961, the side entrance with hall leading to four Sunday School classrooms were built along with the outside and inside stairway to basement.

In 1968, Fairmount City was part of the Oak Ridge charge: Oak Ridge, Truittsburg, Mt. Zion, and Fairmount City. When the Evangelical United Brethren and Methodist merged, they became known as the Fairmount City Charge, which was Truittsburg, Fairmount City, and Leasure Run.

In 1996 the church basement was completely flooded to ceiling with exception of small area in back. New ceiling blocks were installed and walls painted, new floor tiles were installed and new tables, chairs, stove and refrigerator were purchased.